Dedicated to Bethany.

I have quite a few friends getting married in the next year or two, and I’m halfway stalking my friends Bethany and Joe as they prepare for their wedding because it sounds like it’s gonna be geeky and awesome. And I’m creepy. Luckily, they know, and they love me anyway, because Bethany will send Facebook messages like this one she sent whilst I was away from the keyboard stuffing my face with walnut brownies.



Joe and I were discussing guest book alternatives the other day, and you came up in our conversation:

Bethany: I saw where one girl is going to use one of their favorite books, like a children’s book or a graphic novel.

Joe: Watchmen?

B: No.

J: Why not?

B: Because someone – no – *Andrea*, would go through and write “ANDREA WAS HERE” on Dr. Manhattan’s penis whenever it shows.


I thought you’d appreciate that.


It would be to save the children from seeing a cartoon penis!!

or the little old ladies!!


She gets me. Joe, guard your betrothed. I have until December to steal her from you.

~Accidentally Pleasant

PS: Bethany, maybe you shouldn’t read comics that border on porn. It would be more boring, but it would save many children from being scarred for life. Who wants that on their conscience? (Besides me. And Joe.)


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