Wait. I’m doing a 5k on Thanksgiving?? Really??

Well, if I’m dusting off this blog, then something must be up.

My boyfriend recently signed me up for a 5k on Thanksgiving with his family. We’ll be on two teams, the Pilgrims or the Indians, and it’ll be tons of fun. Except, these people are fitness freaks. His younger sister and her boyfriend are both on their college track team, his older sister and her husband were both in the Navy and go out for 10 mile runs all the time. Sheesh. I dont even know what his brothers do.

Now, this is for fun, and I wouldn’t even be too worried about training because I know the people on my team can haul ass, but the only time I’ve been out on a run with his family, it was with his sisters and I couldn’t even make it down the street. They kept stopping for me, as I puffed and wheezed beside them. It was completely humiliating. (I’m sure they didnt see it as such, but I was disappointed in myself.) Anyway, now I have to repair my damaged reputation. So I can’t walk the 5k. I gotta at least jog. I’d love to run the entire way, but that’s a loftier goal than I think I can achieve. However, I will run at least part of it.

I started training on Saturday. I walked to the middle school track not too far from my house, and went around what I imagined 5k to be. (I found out later, my step counter converts to miles, which is sweet. However, it’s not the most accurate, so be forewarned.)

My stats:

Weight: 135lb (plus carrying 10+ lb backpack)

Distance there: 1.05 miles  (1850 steps)

At track: 3.03 miles (5353steps)

Time (at track): 48:12

Distance back: .952 miles (1678 steps)

Total: 5.032 miles


Sunday, I had plans to see how fast and long I could run, so I went out in the back yard to train. During my first lap, running at full speed up a hill, I slammed into a blackberry branch. It ripped off my hat and headband and tore my ear all up. I felt stupid, but tried the lap again. The second time around, my ear was throbbing so much, I gave up and went back inside. Total time out? About 3 minutes. Definitely frustrating.

Monday, I got so caught up treasure hunting in my brother’s room, I forgot to workout. (On the plus side, I found plenty of my tshirts he stole, a pair of yoga pants in my size, and sweats. Not to mention the books he purloined.)

Today, being Tuesday and having already skipped two workout days when I was planning on working out 30 minutes to an hour each day, I knew I had to get back on it. So, after frittering about most of the day, and sleeping in waaaay too late this morning, I finally got out after Wheel of Fortune and before NCIS.

Weight: 135lb (plus 10lb backpack, 5lb each ankle weight, and 5 each wrist)

Total time: 25ish minutes

Total distance: ~1.281 miles (2260 steps) (walking mostly)


The current plan is to use the weights and my hilly backyard (and possibly my stairs inside) to build up my endurance, and go from walking to walking/jogging, then on up to full running, all with the weights. That way, by the time the 5k comes around, I’ll be able to fly through it and ensure my reputation is fixed. (And the victory for my team.) I’ll check my progress on the middle school track once every two weeks.

I’m glad I was signed up. I wouldn’t have volunteered, but it’ll be good for me. I’ll have something to take my mind off of job searching, my phone being cut off soon, and not seeing my boyfriend until Thanksgiving. Besides, I could definitely use the exercise. 🙂


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