I’m a 23 year old college graduate with a marketing degree still living at home because the job market sucks and I’ve been unemployed for 6 months. In a last ditch effort to save my sanity, I decided to write a blog. Not that any sane people that write blogs. After all, I got the inspiration after seeing The Bloggess become such a success, and she’s all kinds of crazy/awesome.

Since I have 13 cats, they will probably frequent in a lot of posts, because well, there are 13 of them. They have tons of amusement potential.

Since I’m 23, everyone my age is getting married and having kids, so there’s even more material.

Since I’m addicted to the internet (and unemployed), there will be plenty of posts from random stuff online, either conversations with friends on Facebook or pictures on Pinterest, or whatever weird videos I get sent.

Since I’m living with my parents, there will be OODLES of quotes from Pig (dad). He’s a great source of amusement, and I need to take advantage. (And occasionally, quotes from mom but Pig talks more.) There also will be stories from my childhood, as my parents remind me of (read that as: make fun of me for) them.

Since I have a marketing degree and would love to put it to use, there will be posts about crappy advertising that I think I could market better and posts that praise advertisements. (I don’t want to be unemployed forever, after all.)

Since I did get my inspiration from The Bloggess, there will be plenty of snark and sass. (And perhaps the occasional story about bodily functions. Not that she does that sort of story, I just think she’d approve.)

Warning: This blog is not intended to be sweet and sentimental. If you find enjoyment out of it, well, it was accidental.

~Accidentally Pleasant


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