A “Special” Relationship

My boyfriend and I send some weird texts back and forth. By weird, I don’t mean personal. I have only a small readership as it is. I’d rather not alienate the people who do read this.

Aaron: I wonder where all of this snow is?
Me: I ate it. It was delicious.
Aaron: Right as I got that text I looked outside to see it snowing.
Me: Darn. You caught me.

A discussion about his bromance with his old college roomie quickly devolved into them being engaged. Somehow, we got talking about his bridesmaids.

Me: They are your bridesmaids. You pick them.
Aaron: Ok, I’ve got some in mind. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez(just to piss Beiber off), and some more that have yet to be determined.
Me: Will they accept?
Aaron: Who knows. Wait wtf why the hell am I the bride?

(A few days later)

Me: I just thought of the perfect wedding date for you and Nathaneal! Pi Day! In 2015! It would be awesome!
Aaron: Um yes. That would be amazing. at 9:53 in the morning.
Me: There ya go. You have your groom and wedding date. Now you just need everything else.
Aaron: Will you be our wedding planner?
Me: Do you actually trust me to be your wedding planner?
Aaron: It could be kinda crazy.
Me: I could have you both in bikinis and getting married in Antarctica. Which would be funny.
Aaron: Ummmm ok, you’re fired. We aren’t going to have any of that.
Me: Haha, whew! That could have been disastrous for us all. I should not be in charge of anything.


After a very silly conversation in which we discussed the wind:

Me: You are ridiculous.
Aaron: You use that word so often. I dont think it means what you think it means.
Me: Hahaha, that’s a great use of that quote.
Aaron: I know. However, that isnt the exact quote; it’s close enough though.
Me: Yeah, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
Aaron: Haha, yeah, now try telling that to all of these teens that wear tons of makeup and eyeliner.
Me: It would be perfect if they didnt wear it at all.
Aaron: Well when society turns “beauty” into something that is impossible to achieve besides through photoshop it gets hard to be perfect.
Me: Yeah. That’s why I eat chocolate. To tell society “F*** you!”


There will probably be more posts like this in the future because I’m no writer, therefore my “writer’s block” is more of a “blogger’s Great Wall of China.”

~Accidentally Pleasant