A “Special” Relationship

My boyfriend and I send some weird texts back and forth. By weird, I don’t mean personal. I have only a small readership as it is. I’d rather not alienate the people who do read this.

Aaron: I wonder where all of this snow is?
Me: I ate it. It was delicious.
Aaron: Right as I got that text I looked outside to see it snowing.
Me: Darn. You caught me.

A discussion about his bromance with his old college roomie quickly devolved into them being engaged. Somehow, we got talking about his bridesmaids.

Me: They are your bridesmaids. You pick them.
Aaron: Ok, I’ve got some in mind. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez(just to piss Beiber off), and some more that have yet to be determined.
Me: Will they accept?
Aaron: Who knows. Wait wtf why the hell am I the bride?

(A few days later)

Me: I just thought of the perfect wedding date for you and Nathaneal! Pi Day! In 2015! It would be awesome!
Aaron: Um yes. That would be amazing. at 9:53 in the morning.
Me: There ya go. You have your groom and wedding date. Now you just need everything else.
Aaron: Will you be our wedding planner?
Me: Do you actually trust me to be your wedding planner?
Aaron: It could be kinda crazy.
Me: I could have you both in bikinis and getting married in Antarctica. Which would be funny.
Aaron: Ummmm ok, you’re fired. We aren’t going to have any of that.
Me: Haha, whew! That could have been disastrous for us all. I should not be in charge of anything.


After a very silly conversation in which we discussed the wind:

Me: You are ridiculous.
Aaron: You use that word so often. I dont think it means what you think it means.
Me: Hahaha, that’s a great use of that quote.
Aaron: I know. However, that isnt the exact quote; it’s close enough though.
Me: Yeah, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
Aaron: Haha, yeah, now try telling that to all of these teens that wear tons of makeup and eyeliner.
Me: It would be perfect if they didnt wear it at all.
Aaron: Well when society turns “beauty” into something that is impossible to achieve besides through photoshop it gets hard to be perfect.
Me: Yeah. That’s why I eat chocolate. To tell society “F*** you!”


There will probably be more posts like this in the future because I’m no writer, therefore my “writer’s block” is more of a “blogger’s Great Wall of China.”

~Accidentally Pleasant


Dedicated to Bethany.

I have quite a few friends getting married in the next year or two, and I’m halfway stalking my friends Bethany and Joe as they prepare for their wedding because it sounds like it’s gonna be geeky and awesome. And I’m creepy. Luckily, they know, and they love me anyway, because Bethany will send Facebook messages like this one she sent whilst I was away from the keyboard stuffing my face with walnut brownies.



Joe and I were discussing guest book alternatives the other day, and you came up in our conversation:

Bethany: I saw where one girl is going to use one of their favorite books, like a children’s book or a graphic novel.

Joe: Watchmen?

B: No.

J: Why not?

B: Because someone – no – *Andrea*, would go through and write “ANDREA WAS HERE” on Dr. Manhattan’s penis whenever it shows.


I thought you’d appreciate that.


It would be to save the children from seeing a cartoon penis!!

or the little old ladies!!


She gets me. Joe, guard your betrothed. I have until December to steal her from you.

~Accidentally Pleasant

PS: Bethany, maybe you shouldn’t read comics that border on porn. It would be more boring, but it would save many children from being scarred for life. Who wants that on their conscience? (Besides me. And Joe.)